The impact of sexual violence is life-changing for survivors and their families. If you are a survivor of sexual assault by a coach or trainer, the legal system can help you to achieve monetary damages for the harm caused.

An Austin coach sexual assault lawyer could help you file a civil lawsuit to deliver justice on your behalf. Jacob Mancha, our hardworking sexual violence injury attorney, could work to achieve accountability from all liable parties involved, including the enablers of institutional abuse.

What is Considered Sexual Assault?

In Texas, sexual assault generally refers to knowingly or intentionally perpetrating unwanted sexual contact upon someone else via penetration. Any individual under the age of 17 is seen as incapacitated in the eyes of the law and unable to render consent to sexual activity. Similarly, sexual contact without penetration that involves an adult and a child is considered assault.

Common Warning Signs of Sexual Assault

Whether in a school or gym setting, a coach is often seen as a trusted authority figure. Abusive trainers often hide in plain sight, and survivors may be afraid to speak up for fear of retribution and shame.

Many signs can indicate that sexual assault has occurred, including:

  • Emotional or behavioral changes
  • Unexplained sexual infections
  • Sudden changes in relationships with friends and family
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Physical injuries
  • Suicidal thoughts

The warning signs can also be more subtle. For example, a child in a dire situation involving sexual assault may:

  • Become hesitant to engage in after-school activities
  • Have shifts in academic performance or behavior
  • Have secretive meetings with their coach or trainer
  • Obtain unexplained gifts or privileges from the coach

An attorney in Austin could investigate a situation involving sexual assault by a coach, including helping their client report the abuse, gather evidence, and understand their rights. They could also navigate legal proceedings and manage the complexities of filing a civil suit on a survivor’s behalf.

Filing a Civil Sexual Assault Lawsuit for Coach’s Misconduct

In cases involving sexual assault by an athletic trainer, an Austin attorney could evaluate all legally culpable parties in a civil suit for damages. The coach, their employer, sponsor, or any entity involved with the incident(s) could be liable. This includes people or organizations who tried to cover up what happened.

Sexual assault survivors may be afraid to speak up or to move forward with a case. Jacob Mancha could handle every aspect of the process, including gathering documents, filling out paperwork, and serving the lawsuit. They could also assist their client in deciding whether to proceed with a claim and explain their rights and legal options.

A lawyer could speak with witnesses, interview medical experts like therapists, and work to hold the at-fault parties accountable for the physical, psychological, and emotional harm they caused.

Compensation for Sexual Assault

In a sexual assault civil lawsuit, survivors could receive compensation for emotional trauma, physical injuries, and financial losses. Similarly, damages may be available for lost income, medical expenses, mental health treatment, and punitive damages.

Speak with a Coach Sexual Assault Attorney in Austin Today

Jacob Mancha is well-versed in sexual assault cases and has an extensive track record of successfully defending survivors in seeking monetary recovery from their abusers.

Even if your abuser was never criminally charged, you still have legal options. The burden of proof for a civil suit is substantially lower than for a criminal case. You do not have to press charges against the offender to pursue a civil case.

If a criminal case has been filed, the prosecutor’s office will handle this, but you need an Austin coach sexual assault lawyer who could manage civil claims. Contact our office today to schedule your confidential, one-on-one legal consultation and learn how you could achieve some measure of justice.