A school is supposed to be a safe and nurturing environment. When something as traumatic as sexual assault happens, survivors may be unsure what to do or what legal options are available.

While the criminal justice system can hold the abuser accountable, this process may or may not result in a conviction and does not compensate survivors. An Austin school sexual assault lawyer could provide legal guidance for you or your loved one.

When it comes to sexual assault in a school setting, multiple parties beyond the abuser could be legally culpable. A premises liability sexual assault attorney could investigate your case further and help you assert your legal rights in a civil suit.

Defining Sexual Assault

Under Texas law, sexual assault is a severe criminal offense defined as intentionally and knowingly engaging in sexual penetration without the other person’s consent.

Key elements of sexual assault, as defined by state law, must be present for the act to constitute this crime. When sexual assault is perpetrated against an individual under the age of 17, the element of consent is irrelevant, as a minor cannot legally agree to a sexual act with an adult. When a child is involved, sexual contact without penetration still constitutes this crime.

Civil Lawsuits for Sexual Assault

While the prosecutor’s office may pursue charges against a perpetrator of sexual assault, these criminal proceedings will not compensate survivors. However, through a civil lawsuit, survivors can seek monetary damages.

An Austin lawyer could investigate a sexual assault incident at a school or educational institution to determine who else besides the perpetrator may be legally responsible and owe compensation in a civil lawsuit. They could also review police reports and medical records, speak with witnesses, and keep their client informed on all developments about a parallel criminal case.

Seeking Damages in a School Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Survivors can file a civil lawsuit even if their abuser has not been charged or convicted in criminal court. A school sexual assault attorney in Austin could evaluate their client’s options to seek monetary damages from the abuser, as well as any individual or entity whose negligence or inaction furthered the assault.

Similarly, the school may be liable for a crime on the building’s grounds. For example, the school’s negligent hiring practices may have allowed one of its teachers to commit sexual assault against a colleague or student. If a student committed a sexual crime against another student, the school may also be liable because they engaged in negligent security practices that furthered the incident.

Jacob Mancha could fight to recover compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, mental distress, and other losses from the assault. Survivors may also be entitled to compensation for the financial harm that the incident caused, such as future medical bills and lost earning capacity.

Contact a School Sexual Assault Attorney in Austin Today

If you or your child were sexually assaulted at an educational institution, we understand that no amount of money can make up for the emotional, physical, and psychological trauma that was inflicted. A civil lawsuit could hold the at-fault party (including the school itself) responsible by imposing a financial penalty for this egregious wrongdoing.

An Austin school sexual assault lawyer could handle every aspect of seeking maximum compensation and accountability both in and out of the courtroom. Jacob Mancha regularly advocates for survivors of sexual violence and previously won the largest court award in state history for a sexual assault case.

If you would like to speak with Mr. Mancha in a confidential legal consultation, do not hesitate to contact our firm today and schedule your free case review.